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First Aid AED Training

First Aid AED Training Dubai

You never know when an emergency situation may strike, and so the only defence is proper preparation. This is what makes AED & First-Aid Certification so important and in such high demand.

ITAC Safety First Aid AED Training Course has been designed using extensive research and testing to improve mastery and retention over the long-term. This comprehensive course is taught in a dynamic, hands-on way with industry-leading curriculum and content from the expert in occupational first aid training. These courses provide the vital knowledge needed to respond to a medical emergency effectively and efficiently. Our First Aid AED Course and training modules are designed to go as in-depth as possible while still keeping the course load down to a minimal time commitment.

The Basic First Aid with AED Course is designed to equip you with the essential skills in First Aid and AED. It provides a good coverage of common emergencies and the correct management. The Standard First Aid with AED Course for comprises of an in-depth approach to performing critical emergency interventions while equipping participants with the practical and theoretical skills to perform effective AED on adult victims. Participants can expect a good deal of back-to-back hands-on involvement during this course. Participants will learn how to react accordingly in various emergency situations, while maintaining self-confidence, composure and assurance to others. First Aid AED Training Course explains the basic first aid principles and trains how to recognize and respond to medical emergencies, and teaches specific steps for treating injuries. Our Experts will train you how to use an AED to respond to cardiac emergencies.

We offer our First Aid AED Training Certification Course as an option for those who want to expand their knowledge beyond the standard First Aid AED Training Course. The CFirst Aid AED Training Course certification program covers all of the necessary information. The entire program is made to accommodate the needs of businesses, organizations, and other groups who are seeking an inexpensive way to certify all of their members.

First Aid AED Training Course recertification is important because it allows you to brush up on your skills on a regular basis, to stay in peak form for all of your patients. Of course, retaking your First Aid AED Training Course test every two years can be a nuisance, which is why we have made the effort to reduce the hassle and bring down your recertification process to mere minutes. Beyond the official certification requirements, OSHA and AHA approval is a testament to the quality of our First Aid AED Training Certification Courses. Every person that walks away from our programs can have full confidence that their medical knowledge is on par with anyone who has taken a First Aid AED Training Course through the most esteemed providers. If you are looking to expand your knowledge even further, take a look at one of our other courses which provide the same level of quality on the health and safety procedure of your choice.

The course will familiarise students with their roles and responsibilities of the Emergency First Aider, including assessing an incident, recognising signs and symptoms of injury and illness, and assisting a casualty who is suffering from injury and illness.

Course Content Includes :

  • The Role and Responsibilities of an Emergency First Aider.
  • Scene Survey.
  • Managing an Unresponsive Casualty.
  • Choking.
  • Shock.
  • Heart Attack/Cardiac Arrest.
  • Bleeding (severe, embedded object, from orifices).
  • Treatment of Seizures.
  • Use of Automated External Defibrillator.

Participants will learn to :

  • Recognize a medical emergency.
  • Handle breathing and cardiac emergencies.
  • Act appropriately and effectively and sustain life until professional help arrives.
  • Prevent disease transmission.
  • Identify and care for bleeding, sudden illness and injuries.

Over 20 years of experience we'll ensure you get the best guidance.